Richard Taylor

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist because I believe that visual artwork should first and foremost call to the viewer with a strong visual voice. I wish to stop time with my artwork and invite inquiry through the use of materials and composition, scale and palette, form and depth. A title and a sentence should suffice to convey the artwork’s message and its importance.

When my work is viewed, I hope viewers experience a sense of music, and of poetry. I strive for syncopation, harmony, and layering in my work, and I hope to create pieces that bring something new and fresh with each successive viewing.

Many of my sculptures are reflections on places I have visited or noteworthy events in my life. I often work in series, as creating variations on a theme stretch my concentration and revelations upon a chosen topic.

I strive to create work that calls viewers back again and again, work that is nuanced and incrementally suggestive, that brings new revelations with successive viewings.