Opening Reception: Saturday, Aug. 24, 2024 1 to 4pm

Photographers’ Talk at 1:30pm

Atmospheric Wisconsin: Six Impressions presents the beauty, contrast, and interconnectedness of rural and urban landscapes in Wisconsin. This exhibition juxtaposes vibrant hues of color photography with timeless tones of black and white photography. The play of light, subtlety of color or tone, and evocative use of weather conditions in the featured photographic images bring out the inherent mood, depth, and complexity of the ever-evolving city life or the serene beauty of the countryside. Distinguished Wisconsin photographers featured are Kristine Hinrichs, Carolyn Knorr, Guntis Lauzums, Thomas Lemke, Vicki Reed, and Nicolas Umbs.

About the Artists

Kristine Hinrichs

I am a Milwaukee, WI based photographer. Consistent with my interest in and training in urban planning, my images focus on the city environment – movement, layers, serendipity, nuance – a re-imagining of the urban landscape. I am a creature of the city and attracted to the many layers of the cityscape, there is so often “more” than I see at first blush, if only I take the time to look. Those layers and their interplay are what makes the city interesting to me. My images re-imagine the landscape, showing the interplay of elements of the sites, using the placement of reflections and/or motion to mimic/simulate double exposures as well as providing a different “look” for often photographed material. The effect is similar to a funhouse mirror where the image reverberates. Many of my best images are in black and white, cutting through the distractions often present in color images.

I have shot every day for more than twelve years – producing an image to be shared on social media. This is important to get me out in the city and to be in a position to notice changes in the urban landscape, and in so many cases, to allow the images to find me.

Carolyn Knorr

Embracing a holistic approach to the life cycles and essential elements that constitute place, Carolyn Knorr’s work asserts the interconnectedness of creation and destruction in the natural and built environments.

Carolyn Knorr is a visual artist whose work is deeply rooted in her commitment to conservation, preservation, and stewardship of the built and natural environment. Motifs, or recurring themes or patterns that appear in her work are quiet contemplation, reverence for the land, mystery, and rebirth through the actions of restoration and rejuvenation. These identifiers are informed by her experience in the field as a burn team member and as a designer of large urban public spaces. These places center her in her art practice that highlights the intersection of art, design, and landscape architecture.

Guntis Lauzums

My landscapes uses minimalistic aspects to bring a focus on the subject matter. Concepts of color and space are explored.

Guntis Lauzums’ photographic journey began when he received a 35mm camera as a college graduation gift. He began shooting and developing his own film and prints. He ended up receiving another degree–this time in photography from the local technical college.

Today in the digital world his passion is creating and exhibiting fine art photography. His work explores abstraction and minimalism with studies of lines, geometrics and shadow.

Guntis Lauzums has exhibited his works in many Wisconsin museums and art centers and in numerous American galleries, museums and arts centers. International exhibitions and awards include the Foto Nostrum Gallery, Barcelona Spain, 2019; Budapest International Photo Awards, Budapest, Hungary, 2019; and Tokyo international Foto Awards, Tokyo, Japan 2017.

Lauzums’ work is in the permanent Collection on the PLMC Museum in Cesis, Latvia and other private collections. He is a member of the Coalition for Photographic Arts (CoPA), Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA) Professional member, and the American Latvian Artists Association (ALMA).

Images Above (L to R): Kristine Hinrichs, Step into my Parlour, Photography, 2023; Carolyn Knorr, Conflagration, Lens-based Image Printed on Archival Paper using Archival Ink, Sepia Toned, 2023; Guntis Lauzum, Blue Silos, Digital Photography, 2020.

Thomas Lemke

The land of Northern Wisconsin is dear to my heart. It is a quiet beauty when compared to the eye-stunning vistas and massive mountains of, say, the American West. Maybe it is subtlety or perhaps it is that Wisconsin’s secrets are more closely kept, but what better challenge for a photographer than revealing a subject’s quiet wisdom.

“No man has stepped in the same river twice; it is not the same river and he is not the same man.” – Heraclitus

I grew up in rural Central Wisconsin where I found great joy roaming fields, lakes, rivers and forests. Socially isolated, I was most comfortable exploring wild places. The gift of a camera at an early age opened windows. I started to render onto film the mystery I felt in nature. Eventually, I found the camera was a means to relate to people. I decided to study photography and made it my career. Decades of practice as a commercial photographer in Milwaukee expanded my abilities and changed the way I saw the world.

I am not the same person I was when I first started making photographs but I still have a special relationship to the wilder parts of Wisconsin. I’m an explorer, combing the landscape for unusual phenomena. When I find a subject and work to create the photograph I often have the suspicion that there is something more behind what I see… lurking in an untouched corner of my mind. It’s that feeling that keeps me returning to rivers and fields…keeps me searching.

Vicki Reed

I use photography to interpret what is happening in my life. It sometimes provides an escape from anxiety or stress and other times it is simply a celebration of moments when I feel a connection with nature or the people around me. Quiet, stillness, patterns, light, all inspire me to share with others what I see, hoping that they will slow down and experience the moment, also. Underlying it all is my desire to honor the women who came before me, those who perhaps had no voice but who made it possible for me to have one and to use it now.

This work is from local nature and garden preserves. When life becomes chaotic I find myself retreating here to embrace the healing qualities of nature.

Black and white archival pigment prints on Japanese Kozo paper.

I am still experimenting with different papers but Kozo is in the lead. I am thinking nature photos printed on handmade paper using natural fibers would be a good match.

Vicki Reed is a former newspaper photographer and magazine art editor who uses vintage, pinhole, plastic toy cameras as well as digital cameras to explore the subjects of natural environment, memory and family. She also incorporates alternative processes in her work, including lith, cyanotype, lumen, encaustic and photogravure.

Nic Umbs

This series was captured En Route during the brief moments between my three main jobs, errands, and home. Scenes that catch my eye during my travels are noted down so I can return during desired weather conditions and as my job’s late policies allow.

Nic Umbs is an image-maker and educator who uses digital, film, alternative processes, video and applied scientific/mathematical techniques to solve image-making problems. His research focuses on interpersonal relationships, memory, archive, natural biological processes, the impact of place, and the concept of family.

Images Above (L to R): Thomas Lemke, Whirlpool Revealed – Wolf River, Wisconsin, Photography, 2023; Vicki Reed, Prairie Fog, Black and White Archival Pigment Print on Japanese Kozo Paper, 2023; Nic Umbs, Untitled, Archival Pigment Print, 2023.